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Llevar palabras de sabiduría y conocimiento a miles de personas para que alcancen sus metas deseadas.

Hello, I'm Lydia Silva-Boschetti, I can assist you in your process of re-discovery, development and learning.  Together we will find the solution to the situation that has made you seek for help.  Hablo Español.


Alcanzar todo el mundo llevando un mensaje de optimismo. I am a Mental Health Counselor, master and Trainer Coach in neuro-Linguistic Programming, Couple Therapist and I also practice Transpersonal Psychology.  I work with situations related to spirituality and use techniques such as: Ericksonian Hypnosis and Visualization to access the subconcious and be able to get the answers you need.


  • Profesionalismo
  • Respeto
  • Honestidad
  • Compromiso